“Ashes & Empty Words” Review

"Ashes & Empty Words" by '92 in the Shade

REVIEW OF “ASHES & EMPTY WORDS” by ’92 in the Shade / Reviewer: Zachary Larson

Ashes & Empty Words is the newest release by California-based ’92 in the Shade. Hitting hard with intricate guitar work and striking vocals over a moderate tempo, the tune has a strong hard rock feel that finds its place in the world of Alt. Rock. With lyrics by Michael P. Naughton, Ashes & Empty Words comes off as prophetic, and slightly enigmatic.

Performed with a grandiose presence and fine attention to detail, the vocals are treated as their own instrument and not just a vehicle for the lyrics. Many vocal phrases are reminiscent of classic guitar licks, bending pitches and resolving lines in a manner usually reserved for shredders. The cool vocal phrasing is an obvious stand out. But the rhyming in the lyrics should also be noted, as nothing is too on the nose. It stays away from cliché and heavy-handedness, but still works despite the rhymed words being truly compatible.

The instrumental work is finely crafted. Layers of guitars fold over each other, creating a cascade of color and melody. When combined, the vocals and instruments give the impression of a paragon of hard-rock songwriting.

Overall, Ashes & Empty Words by ’92 in the Shade captures the artistry of Rock while maintaining a balls-to-the-wall edge that is not to be trifled with.

Fans of Alt. Rock, Hard Rock, and Grunge will dig Ashes & Empty Words by ’92 in the Shade.

About The Reviewer: Zachary Larson is a professional touring guitarist and multi-instrumentalist.